Pedestal Pets

These pencil toppers are so adorable! Imagine being in school or doing your homework with one of these cuties sitting high on your pencil. You'll always have a friend around with Pedestal Pets.

Each Pedestal Pet is a squishy pencil topper (or a pen topper. or a crayon topper). But that's not all you get. You also get a unique customized pencil for your pet to sit on. Each pencil is themed around the animal and is the perfect place for your Pedestal Pet to live.

But that's not all you get (wow!). Each Pedestal Pet comes with a Fun Fact Trading Card with interesting tidbits about your animal. The other side of the card has the cutest image of your animal as well.

There are 12 different Pedestal Pets: Dog, Frog, Cat, Turtle, Horse, Duck, Sheep, Pig, Hippo, Gorilla, Elephant and Lion.

Here are some fun things to do on the Pedestal Pets website:
- Name your Pedestal Pets and print out a certificate: Name your Pedestal Pet

- You can also print out your own Pedestal Pet Coloring Pages!