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Tired of spending hand fulls of quarters in our vending machines to get that special squishy you're looking for? Find every Sqwishland character here at We have all kinds of Squishies ranging from Squishland Zoo (also known as Pet Friends), Sea Mania, Jungle Mania, Barnyard, Forest, Swamp and City.

We also have your favorite collectables like Bok Choy Boys, Urbanzees, Squisheez, Adopt-a-Puppy, Hood Hounds and Freaky Geeks.

They've been called pencil toppers, pencil pals, squishies, sqwishies, squisheez or squishees, but it's all the same - FUN!

Check out all of our Squishies including our Sqwabbles, Rares and Glow-in-the-Dark Sqwishland animals. And to keep up with what's new, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

NEW! Squishy Charms. We have the latest squishy items that everyone is collecting. These spongy, squeezey, squishy charms come in a variety of shapes like bread, buns, burgers, monkeys, sharks and more! They are also known as squishy buns, squishy bread and kawaii charms.

NEW! Bok Choy Boys Series 3. The boys are back! This latest series includes: Beauty, Destiny, Dream, Energy, Ice, Magic, Nightmare, Rain, Strength, Trouble, Truth and Wind.

NEW! Xoddos. Cool and crazy characters for you to collect. There are 12 in this series - all different colors and designs. Not only are these fun to play with and collect but they're also pencil toppers!

Bok Choy Boys 3

NEW! Bok Choy Boys (Series 3) Check out the new boys from the Forbidden City including: Beauty, Destiny, Dream, Energy, Ice, Magic, Nightmare, Rain, Strength, Trouble, Truth and Wind. Bok Choy Boys (Series 3)
smellos scented bands

Smellos - New, scented bands that come in 8 scents: Banana, Blueberry, Chocolate, Grape, Mint, Orange, Peach and Strawberry. They look and smell great! You can buy them individually or get the complete set. Check 'em out here: Smellos

Eye Popper Toys

NEW! Eye-Poppers - Give 'em a s-q-u-e-e-z-e to see their eyes bulge! Watch them go from crazy to crazier as their eyes pop out of their head. Just let go and their eyes go back where they belong. Lots of fun right here:
Eye Poppers
rubber duck
Rubber Duckies are here! - Rubber Ducks have invaded! You've never seen such a variety of these tiny 2 inch vinyl quackers. Pirate Ducks, Princess Ducks, Animal Ducks, Biker Ducks, Cheerleader Ducks, Robot Ducks and lots more. These soft rubber duckies are so much fun you'll want to collect them all! Waddle over and see them here: Rubber Duckies

squisheez pencil toppers
string dolls
sqwishland glow pencil toppers

They're Back! Glow-in-the-Dark Squishies - After being kept in the dark for almost a year, Glow-in-the-Dark Squishies are now available again. Currently Zoo 1 and 2 and Sea 1 and 2 are glow-ey, and they now come in different colors (blue, green, pink, yellow and clear). Turn out the lights and take a look at them here: Sqwishland Zoo Glows
bok choy boys series 2

NEW! Bok Choy Boys (Series 2) - Series 2 of the popular urban vinyl figurines from "The Forbidden City". There are 12 figures: Dawn, Nature, Eternity, Balance, Thunder, Mountain, Time, Twilight, Prosperity, Ocean, Spirit and Danger. Collect them all here:
Bok Choy Boys (Series 2)

freaky geeks
Freaky Geeks - These guys are strange, fun and ... well ... Freaky! They're Freaky Geeks and each one has their own personality. There are 8 geeks: Ollie, Herbert, Stinky, Spike, Knuckles, Go-Go, Cy-Fi, and Skizzo. Check them out here Freaky Geeks
Hood Hounds These guys look tough and act cool but are still very cute and cuddly. Well, some of them are, anyway. Check out the Hood Hounds
hood hound collectible dogs

Sqwabbles Status: Out of Stock. These are the evil alter-egos of the Squishies. They are hand painted trouble-makers and are extremely rare. In fact, they are no longer being made, so grab them before they become extinct! Discover the Sqwabbles and see how mean they really are.

Squishy Rares and Glows Status: In Stock. Rare Squishies are back and we have a ton of them! You can even save some money by buying the original Rares without codes. We also have the new colorful Glows (currently Zoo 1 and 2 and Sea 1 and 2 are being made). Check them out here: Glow-in-the-Dark Squishies